We can download a journal article in the digital world. We can't buy a journal article in real life! Most of the time, we don't read aa journal from start to finish. We prefer to draw information. Skip several articles and retain only one or more articles that correspond exactly to the research. Artelittera is a digital platform that allows  to download all journal articles in PDF. The journal divided into articles is homothetic to that given by the publisher. Each article includes its own metadata to be used to create bibliographies. Artelittera targets students, researchers, teachers, scholars.

In literary, cultural ans artistic journals section,  the articles are in French.


Literary, Cultural and Artistic Journals 


  • Melusine, journal of surrealism (in french)

    Mélusine is the title given to the French-language review of surrealism, published for the first time in 1979, whose objective is the analysis of the surrealist movement. Today Mélusine has a very rich database. For students and researchers, here is a rich library devoted to Surrealism in which you will find the first issues of the journal Mélusine, available by chapter.

  • Europe, literature review in french

    The Revue Europe in french, founded in 1923 by Romain Rolland, is devoted to French and international literature. Culture has no borders. The review Europe publishes several issues per year.

  • La Pensée, a philosophical and political review in french

    The review La Pensée was created in 1939 by Paul Langevin (1872-1946), physicist and philosopher of science and Georges Cogniot (1901-1978), French Communist writer and politician. They were joined by other Communist intellectuals. Long subtitled Revue du rationalisme moderne, arts-sciences-philosophie, it is currently edited by the Gabriel-Péri Foundation, created at the initiative of the French Communist Party (PCF), recognized as being of public utility since 2004 and occupying today ' hui the role of think tank or "think tank".

    The review La Pensée is quarterly.