Researchers and teachers-researchers can now publish directly their article on Artelittera

Considering the Digital law adopted by the French Parliament on September 28th, 2016, Artilettera specialized in online university chapters books and articles of science magazines offers a free online publishing to the researchers who publish articles into reviews  partly financed by public fund, from October, 2016.


What does the law says ?


The article 30 of the law concerns publications in Open access, indicates :


« Art. L.533-4.I.- When a scientific writing from a research activity financed at least for half by endowment of the state, territorial collectivities, public corporations, by national financing agencies subsidies or by European Union funds is published in a periodical appearing at least once a year. His author has exclusive rights, even the fact that he gives the exclusive rights to an editor a free publication possibility by digital access, subject to the co-authors agreement. Here his final manuscrit version is accepted for free publication since he puts himself online this one failling that, at the expiration of a courant delay beggining from the date of the first publication.

The maximum deadline is about six months for sciences, medicine techniques publications and about twelve months for social and human sciences.


«  Version put at the disposal in application of the first paragraph cannot be used for an edition commercial activity »


You are thus concerned by the law if :


  • Your researches are financed at least for half by public funds
  • You signed a contract with an editor (without yielding your exclusive rights to an editor, you are free to use your publication)
  • You publish in a review (publications, publications chapters, conferences acts are not concerned by this law)


What’s does this law allows you ?


So this law authorizes you to put on Artelittera the last version of your publication without requiring editor’s agreement.

  • Without embargo if your article is in free access on the review website
  • Or by applying an embargo of maximum 6 months for the techniques and medicine Sciences and 12 months for human Sciences. Embargo delays included on the contracts or listed on website like Sherpa/Romeo or HeloÏse are thus obsolete for the future scientific publication.

This law applies to all review published from Octobter, 2016.

Researchers who wants to see them publications online on Artelittera, must indicate us the titles and editors name by e-mail. So , we will get in touch with the concerned editor.

Furthermore, the researchers who wants to put on Arteliterra conference text, interventions during conventions or collective works chapters must contact us and so we will adress you a contract and ensure immediately the online publication since the signature of the contract.

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