You are a researcher or post-doctoral fellow. You have just defended your doctoral thesis or you defended it several years ago... On Artelittera, you can deposit your thesis in French, English, Chinese or other languages as well as your research articles on a secure server.

Artelittera is a platform of digitized academic content that aims to promote university research throughout the world. Artelittera does not replace accredited scientific validation organizations but offers a new way for young researchers to promote their research.

In this context, Artelittera joins forces with all organizations involved in the fight against plagiarism in university theses.

Plagiarism consists of appropriating, consciously or not, the work of another person. This is why Artelittera recommends that users make a distinction between their own work and that of other authors. To avoid being detected by anti-plagiarism software, you must :

Quote, by putting an excerpt from the original text in quotation marks and italics;
Rephrase in your own words (paraphrases) what you have retained from a source.
In both cases, you must immediately specify the name of the author in the text, and then in your final bibliography, provide additional details, in accordance with the rules used at your institution.
Together, let's be vigilant.


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