What’s Artelittera mission ?

Artelittera is for students, researchers and scholars.

Artelittera has a mission: to allow the greatest number of users around the world to access all the knowledge from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

To meet this objective, the Artelittera team has built a simple site, open to all. Each ebook is divided into chapters, according to the summary. Nothing is changed.

Thanks to our publishers, Artelittera offers recently published documentary contents, so from the 2000s.

Each page corresponding to a chapter of a book includes metadata that make it possible to cite the documentary object: it suffices to copy and paste them into the thesis or the dissertation.

We recall that the chapter of digital book is a legal documentary object that can appear legally in a bibliography.

Team of Artelittera
tushu.artelittera.com (chinois)
Blog : www.artelittera.com/blog/